Community Development

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Community Development Department is to sustain a planned and balanced community by working collaboratively with the community to guide growth and revitalization in conformance with city policies and regulations.

Community Development Documents

  1. Economic Development Assistance Policy (PDF)
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
  3. Land Use Fees (PDF)
  4. Master Plan (PDF)
  5. 3- Mile Boundary Around Monte Vista
  6. 3 mile Boundary Around Monte Vista (Color)

Codes & Regulations

  1. Municipal Code
  2. Sign Code (PDF)
  3. Subdivision Regulations (PDF)

Forms and Permits

  1. Sign Permit Application (PDF)
  2. Fence Permit Application (PDF)
  3. Zoning Verification Permit (PDF)

Planning & Zoning Information

    1. Planning and Zoning Commission (PDF)
    2. Zoning Regulations (PDF)
    3. Planning Commission Application (PDF)