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The MONTE VISTA MUNICIPAL AIRPORT hereby announces its proposed Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation goal of 3.69% for FAA funded contracts/agreements. The proposed goal pertains to federal fiscal years 2021 through 2023. A teleconference will be held on Monday, April 27th, 2020 at 2pm until 2:30pm for the purpose of consulting with stakeholders to obtain information relevant to the goal-setting process.

The proposed goal and its attendant methodology are available for inspection between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday at the Monte Vista City Hall for 30 days from the date of this publication. Copies of the draft methodology can also be received by emailing: 

Comments on the DBE goal will be accepted for 30 days from the date of this publication and can be sent to the following:

Interested stakeholders that would like to obtain information relevant to the MONTE VISTA MUNICIPAL AIRPORT goal setting process are encouraged to call in to a scheduled teleconference held by the MONTE VISTA MUNICIPAL AIRPORT as follows:

Date: Monday, April 27, 2020

Time: 2:00pm – 2:30pm

To Join the Call: Dial (240) 532-3654 and when prompted dial access PIN code 847 566 751#

DBE’s, minority, women’s, and general contractor groups, community organizations, and other officials or organizations interested in obtaining information relevant to the MONTE VISTA MUNICIPAL AIRPORT goal setting process are encouraged to provide input and feedback. 

For more information, please contact:

Justin Heid, A.A.E. – Airport Planner



Attachment 5

Overall DBE Three-Year Goal Methodology

A Three-year goal methodology is being used at the direction of the airports contract specialist with the FAA in order to align the airport with its prescribed reporting period.

Name of Recipient: The City of Monte Vista and the Monte Vista Municipal Airport

Goal Period: FY-2021-2023 – October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2023)

DOT-assisted contract amount:

                                                            FY-2021         $832,430

                                                            FY-2022         $            0

FY-2023         $            0

Total              $832,430

Overall Two-Year Goal:     3.69%, to be accomplished through _0% RN and 3.69% RC

Total dollar amount to be expended on DBEs__$30,717_______

Describe the Number and Type of Contracts that the airport anticipates awarding:


Contracts Fiscal Year #1 (FY2021)

  1. Runway Pavement Maintenance & Taxiway Widening - $832,430


Contracts Fiscal Year #2 (FY2022)

  1. No Project

Contracts Fiscal Year #3 (FY2023)

  1. No Project


Market Area: To calculate the base figure for the goals, the Sponsor will determine the number of contractors in the State of Colorado, in the following NAICS codes found in the Census Bureau’s CBP database. The Sponsor has found that a substantial majority of contractors and subcontractors that perform work for them are located within the State, and the Sponsor spends a substantial amount of their contracting dollars in the State.

Step 1.  Actual relative availability of DBEs

The base figure for the relative availability was calculated as follows:


DBE Directories Used were found on the Colorado UCP database located here:

and Census Bureau Data from

For the Step 1 Base Figure, Monte Vista Municipal Airport determined the relative DBE availability in accordance with 49 CFR Part 26.45 (c)(3), which is to use data from a disparity study. The Airport proposed to use information from the Colorado Unified Certification Program database:

•           Contractors that participated on CDOT contracts during the Study period are in most cases the same contractors that are awarded FAA-funded contracts

•           The work types proposed at the Airport were included in the Disparity Study availability data

For the two work types anticipated at the Airport, the Colorado Unified Certification Program website provided the availability data from the Disparity Study for the Market Area to calculate the relative availability as follows:


Type of Work

Total DBEs

Total All Firms


Engineering Services




Airport Runway & Asphalt Construction






The data source or demonstrable evidence used to derive the numerator was: 

The data source or demonstrable evidence used to derive the denominator was:

Dividing the total number of DBEs by the total number of All Firms gives a base DBE availability figure for each contract. The availability figures for all contracts were then combined and averaged to provide the basis for the Two-year overall goal.   

The base goal projections are as follows:

  • Fiscal Year #1 – 2.55%
  • Fiscal Year #2 – 5.94%

Average of weighted availability: (2.55% + 5.94%)/2 = 4.25%

Base of DBE Goal: 4.25%

Weighted Availability of DBE firms:

Fiscal Year #1

For FY-2021, award of the following is anticipated:

Contract Name

Trade Description

NAICS Description


Trade ($)



DBE (%)

DBE ($)

(= Trade $ x DBE %)

Engineering for Projects

Civil Engineering

Engineering Services







Runway Pavement Maintenance and Taxiway Widening

Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

Airport Runway Construction; Asphalt Paving







Total Contract # 2




Total FY-2021



Fiscal Year #2

For FY- 2022, award of the following is anticipated: No Project

Fiscal Year #3

For FY- 2023, award of the following is anticipated: No Project

The base goal projection after weighting is as follows:

  • Total Weighted DBE Availability: $42,392
  • Total for All Trades: $832,430

Dividing the weighted DBE totals by the total estimate for all trades gives a base DBE availability figure for the projects anticipated during the goal-setting period. This figure is expressed as a percentage and serves as the basis for the three-year overall goal.

Base of DBE Goal: 5.09%

Step 2:  Adjustments to Step 1 base figure

After calculating a base figure of the relative availability of DBEs, evidence was examined to determine what, if any, adjustment to the base figure was needed in order to arrive at the overall goal.

Past History Participation

One piece of data used to determine the adjustment to the base figure was the median of historical DBE accomplishments, as follows:


DBE Goals











5.80 %

























Arranging this historical data from low to high, (1.63%, 1.77%, 2.79%, 6.89%) the median is acquired by averaging the two most middle numbers as follows: (1.77%+2.79%)/2 = 2.28%

Step 1 Base averaged with historical median: (5.09% + 2.28%)/2 = 3.69%

To arrive at an overall goal, the Step 1 base figure was added to the Step 2 adjustment figure and the total was averaged, arriving at an overall goal of 3.69%.  The Sponsor believes this adjusted goal accurately reflects DBE participation that can be achieved for the type(s) of work being awarded during this three-year period.

Furthermore, there are no applicable disparity studies for the local market area or recent legal case information from the relevant jurisdictions to show evidence of barriers to entry or competitiveness of DBEs in the market area that is sufficient to warrant making an adjustment to the base goal.

Breakout of Estimated “Race and Gender Neutral” (RN) and “Race and Gender Conscious” (RC) Participation.

The Sponsor will meet the maximum feasible portion of the overall goal by using RN means of facilitating DBE participation. 


  1. Arranging solicitations, times for the presentation of bids, quantities, specifications, and delivery schedules in ways that facilitates DBE, and other small businesses, participation;
  2. Providing technical assistance and other services;
  3. Carrying out information and communications programs on contracting procedures and specific contract opportunities;
  4. Ensuring distribution of DBE directory, through print and electronic means, to the widest feasible universe of potential prime contractors;


The Sponsor estimates that in meeting the established overall goal of 3.69%, it will obtain 3.69% from RC participation and 0 % through RN measures.

  1. The Recipient has a history of DBE participation or over-achievement of goals to reference of similar projects and expects to obtain its DBE participation through the use of DBE contract goals or a conscious effort to obtain DBE participation. Therefore, a goal of 3.69% is to be obtained through race-conscious participation. 

The Sponsor will adjust the estimated breakout of RN and RC DBE participation as needed to reflect actual DBE participation [see §26.51(f)] and track and report RN and RC participation separately. For reporting purposes, RN DBE participation includes, but is not necessarily limited to the following: DBE participation through a prime contract obtained through customary competitive procurement procedures; DBE participation through a subcontract on a prime contract that does not carry a DBE goal, DBE participation on a prime contract exceeding a contract goal, and DBE participation through a subcontract from a prime contractor that did not consider a firm’s DBE status in making the award.

Public Participation


In establishing the overall goal, the Sponsor provided for consultation and publication. This process included opportunities for consultation with minority, women’s, and general contractor groups, community organizations, and other officials or organizations which could be expected to have information concerning the availability of disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged businesses, the effects of discrimination on opportunities for DBEs, and the Sponsor’s efforts to establish a level playing field for the participation of DBEs. The consultation included a scheduled, direct, interactive exchange with as many interested stakeholders as possible focused on obtaining information relevant to the goal setting process, and was conducted before the goal methodology was submitted to the operating administration for review. Details of the consultation are as follows.

The consultation engaged in was a teleconference which was held at 2:00 PM on April 27th, 2020.

The following comments were received during the course of the consultation:


No comments were received. No one called into the public teleconference meeting, and the line was kept open for 30 minutes.

A notice of the proposed goal was published on the Sponsor’s official posting location at city hall for public information before the methodology was submitted to DOT/FAA.

If the proposed goal changes following review by the DOT/FAA, the revised goal will be posted in the Sponsor’s official posting location at City Hall.

Notwithstanding paragraph (f)(4) of §26.45, the Sponsor proposed goals will not be implemented until this requirement has been met.