Financial Preparations for COVID-19


At this time, the City of Monte Vista is taking precautionary steps in order to continue business operations within the City with as little disruption as possible from the COVID-19 outbreak. While no known cases have been reported in the Valley, it is the stance of the City to put into place necessary steps and policies to ensure the City continues to operate with as little disruption as possible to the community while also protecting its employees and staff members from exposure while serving the community.

The City of Monte Vista’s Finance Department will be implementing the following policies that will effect both the citizens of Monte Vista as well as members of staff for the City of Monte Vista.

First, in an effort to continue to operate in a fiscally sound manner, staff will reduce spending to only essential expenditures for the continued operation of the City. Non- essential spending will be placed on hold until the full effects of this outbreak are realized. This is to ensure the City has plenty of

monetary resources and fund balances to support the day to day operations as well as continued pay to employees. Currently the City has enough capital and resources to operate without concern for at least 3 months should things start to lag at a higher government level.

Second, staff will utilize internal budget process forms for any large expenditures that require additional funding or money transferred from other line items.

Third, utility bill payments and court payments will be made via online through Xpress Bill Pay, mail in payments, or the drop box located to the south of the main entrance of City Hall. Envelopes will be provided for those wishing to make cash payments at the drop box. Any overpayment from a cash transaction will result in a credit to the customer’s utility account and applied to future bills until the COVID-19 outbreak has become non-threatening. If a citizen moves before the credit is used, they may request a refund of overpayment in the form of a check once the property has transferred to new ownership.

The City is requesting that customers don’t place cash in the box after 5PM or before 8AM. The box will be checked multiple times during the course of the business day.

Fourth, the City will not assess any shut-off fees or perform shut-offs beginning with the May billing. Any prior shut-off fees and balances are still and will remain the responsibility of

the customer. The City of Monte Vista will continue to operate and send out bills as it has always done regardless of any circumstances resulting from COVID-19. Citizens of Monte Vista will still be required to pay utility bills as they always have been with the same terms in place.

If you have any questions regarding anything pertaining to this communication, please contact Jennifer Signs, Finance Director, at 719-852-8285 or