Press Release Award of Multimodal and Mitigation Grant

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San Luis Valley Transportation Planning Region (SLVTPR) Award of FY2022 and FY2023 Multimodal and Mitigation Options Funds for bicycle and pedestrian facilities construction

Robert Vance, Public Works Director

City of Monte Vista

95 West 1st Ave.

Monte Vista, CO. 81144

City of Monte Vista receives large grant for the Multimodal and Mitigation Options Funds

The City of Monte Vista is excited to share the news that they have been awarded a CDOT grant of $1,824,500.00 for a sidewalk on the north side of Hwy 160 from the Alta Convenience Store to the Outcalt Event & Conference at SLV Ski Hi Complex.

The funds are completely 100% covered by Multimodal and Mitigation Options Funds (MMOF) with Federal and State funding and will be administered by CDOT.

Gigi Dennis, City Manager, said, “We are very excited about this project and the enhancements of a safer walking and bicycle paths through a good part of town and out to Ski Hi.”  Rob Vance, Public Works Director, added, “This project would have taken years for the city to budget a project like this.  Now we will work with CDOT to get it engineered and construction will take place sometime next year. “  

The Multimodal Transportation and Mitigation Options Fund (MMOF), created in 2018 under Senate Bill 2018-001 and expanded in 2021 under Senate Bill 2021-260, provides funding for an array of capital, construction, operations, planning and Greenhouse Gas mitigation projects, including but not limited to bicycle, pedestrian, ride sharing, or transit projects. MMOF may also be combined with funding from other federal or state programs for projects that fall into eligible project categories. MMOF funds are split between a State MMOF Program and a Local MMOF Program.  The Local MMOF Program funds are distributed by formula among Colorado's 15 Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs), who then award funding projects on a competitive basis within their regions.

The MMOF seeks to fund multimodal transportation projects and operations throughout the state because, in addition to the general benefits that it provides to all Coloradans, a complete and integrated multimodal transportation system:

(a) benefits seniors by making aging in place more feasible.

(b) benefits residents of rural areas and Disproportionately Impacted (DI) Communities by providing them with flexible public transportation services.

(c) provides enhanced mobility for persons with disabilities.

(d)  provides safe routes to schools for children, AND

(e) Reduces emissions of air pollutants and Greenhouse Gases that contribute to adverse environmental effects, including but not limited to Climate Change and adverse Human Health Effects.

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