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Due to the heavy snow fall and the amount of downed trees and fallen branches, the City of Monte Vista is opening an area at the SKI HI Complex west parking lot for the disposal of branches.  Crews are continuing their efforts to complete the removal of snow from the city streets and then will be working on removal of limbs in the right of way.

Limb and branch removal will take several days and up to two weeks, so please be patient as we will diligently work to get all of them but are limited in crew size.

Property owners and residents are encouraged to remove their limbs within their property and can dispose of them at the parking lot at Ski Hi.  At this time, the city will not be offering curb side pickup but can help those that are unable to take the limbs and branches to Ski Hi. Please call Robert Vance at 719-852-8281 to schedule a pickup.

To access the limb disposal area, take Sherman Avenue to Ski Hi Trail and then follow signs to disposal location. It is the dirt parking lot west of Ski Hi approximately where the carnival sets up during Stampede.

Please remember as you clean up the limbs to look up and stay alert there may be more that can fall. And never approach a downed power line.  Assume all are still active and call Xcel Energy.