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DECEMBER 21, 2023 THROUGH MARCH 14, 2024
Residents should run water to battle freezing pipes
City allows 15,000 gallons of water at no additional charge

MONTE VISTA – Due to the inability to predict when water line freezing begins each winter; Residents are again encouraged to run a thin stream of water through their faucets in an effort to combat frozen water lines.
The City Council allows water customers to use 15,000 gallons of water per month for this effort, at no additional charge. After the 15,000 gallons, customers will be charged the usual rate per 1,000 gallons of use. This policy will take effect after meters are read in December and will continue through March 15. Meter reading typically begins on the 15th of each month and concludes on the 22nd.
In recent years, Public Works crews have had dozens of incidents of frozen water lines that required digging into the streets to thaw them. Multiple water meters have also frozen, with many requiring replacement.
For more information about this policy, contact the Public Works Director, Robert Vance at (719) 852-2692 or by email: