Street Sweeping

Monte Vista Street Sweeping Operations


Lariat Addition / Edwards Addition

Clay Street Lincoln Avenue May Street Cass Street

Morton Street Pennsylvania Avenue Harrison Street Rickey Place

Susan Place Truman Street Sickles Street


Howard’s Subdivision / Sunnyside Addition

From Third Ave. to Eighth Ave.

Washington Street Madison Street Tyndall Street Stallo Street

Adams Street Monroe Street Franklin Street

Jefferson Street Jackson Street Lyell Street


North Grand View Addition

From Newcomb Ave. to Grand Ave.

Newcomb Avenue Darwin Avenue Franklin Street Tyndall Street Faraday Street Alameda Blvd.

Huxley Avenue Euclid Street Lyell Street Stallo Street Ulysses Blvd.


Second West Side Addition / West Side Addition / Corlett Addition

From Third Ave. to Eighth Ave.

Morris Street Davis Street Dennis Street Second Avenue Fourth Avenue

Dunham Street Bronk Street Batterson Street Third Avenue Meadow Lane

Pioneer Road Chico Camino Rupert Street Country Club Drive

Thursday Night Starting At 10PM

                 All State Highway

(Highway 160) Grand Ave. From Loaf-n-Jug to railroad tracks. First Ave. from railroad tracks to Morris St.

(Highway 285) North Broadway from Dairy Queen to City limit sign and back.

(Highway 15) South Broadway from Dairy Queen to Fire Station and back.

                 Downtown Area

Prospect from Highway 285 to Chico Camino.

Washington from the bridge to Second Ave.

Adams from railroad tracks to Third Ave.

Jefferson St. from Highway 160 to Second Ave.

Madison St. from Highway 160 to Second Ave.

Second Ave. from Safeway to Dennis St.

Chico Camino St. from Prospect to Alco Store.

Sixth Ave. from Broadway to Henderson Rd.