A Topic for City Council

Any Citizen, agency, or group may submit a request to present or place an item or topic on the City Council Agenda as follows:

  • The request must be made on the City’s request form
  • The request must specify the subject matter, the form and manner of presentation of subject, and whether supplemental written materials will be provided to the Council
  • The request must specify the amount of time desired for presentation (no longer than 5 minutes)
  • If funding is required the request must contain the amount requested, or an estimate of the financial cost to the city
  • If materials are to be provided to the council, 8 copies are needed and must be submitted with the request. If supplemental materials are not submitted at the time of the request, the addenda item will not be included on the next available Regular Session until after the materials have been received
  • The request must be submitted to the City Clerk at least one week prior to the desired Council meeting date 

The City Council will bear a brief presentation and may ask questions or invite additional citizen comment. The Council has the discretion to decide how they wish to address the subject further, including but not limited to: refer the item to Work Session agenda for further discussion and community input, hold a public meeting on the subject and/or place the subject on the Regular Session agenda to determine a course of action.

Form to Request to Schedule an Item on Council Agenda

  1. Council Agenda Request Form and Instructions (PDF)