Ski Hi Complex

Ski Hi Park Multi-Purpose Building

The Ski Hi Multi-Purpose Improvement Committee (Committee), a sub-committee of the Monte Vista Chamber, is collaborating with the City of Monte Vista to spearhead the renovation of the Multi-purpose building at Ski Hi Park Complex.


The Committee is requesting proposals from qualified firms or individuals (Architect or Design) to provide schematic design and design documents for bidding for renovation of the property known as the “Ski Hi Multi-Purpose Building” located at 2395 Sherman Avenue, Monte Vista, CO.  The Ski Hi Multi-Purpose Building consists of approximately 20,000 square feet of a large indoor open space, a basketball court, and an attached swimming pool that has been closed since 2005.  In completing the renovation of the building and site, there may be several Phases to the project for its completion.

The City of Monte Vista runs the Ski Hi Complex. Amenities available for rent include:

  • 2 softball fields complete with a tower that includes restrooms, a score box for each field, concession area and lights
  • 13,300 square foot multi-purpose room
  • Announcer booth
  • Arena with lights
  • Chutes
  • Grandstands
  • Junior size basketball court
  • Multi-use open spaces
  • Pens

Rio Grande County also rents out an indoor arena called the McMullen Building and is currently erecting a multi-use pole barn that is located east of the Ski Hi’s multi-use building on the same grounds.


To reserve a date or receive help filling out the application please contact Jaime Hurtado, Recreation Director. A completed application, tabulation form and deposit will need to be received within 2 business weeks of your reservation.



Tabulation Forms



Alcohol at an Event

If you plan on having alcohol at an event, you must fill out and turn in a Special Event Liability Insurance Form. If you do not plan on having alcohol, please fill out and turn in the Event Questionnaire Short Form.


Helpful Documents
  1. Dimensions of the Ski Hi Multi Use Building and Gym
  2. Ski Hi Complex Policies
  3. Ski Hi Complex Tear down Checklist

McMullen Building

The McMullen Building Application will be submitted on your behalf if you are also renting any other areas of Ski Hi. If you are only renting the McMullen Building, please submit this application to:

Suzanne Benton, Administrator
Rio Grande County
925 6th Street
Room 207
Del Norte, CO 81132
Phone: 719-657-2744

Ski Hi Complex

Physical Address

2335 Sherman Avenue
Monte Vista, CO 81144


Jaime Hurtado

Recreation Director

Phone:  719-852-8287